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Who we are:

This page is administered by Agnostic Muslims, who came together because of our shared skepticism and/or rejection of the idea that the Quran is an infallible document, and that Muhammad was the perfect example for mankind. This does NOT mean we reject them as as irrelevant or bad, it simply means that we see them as a part of our proud history as Muslims. We believe that their legacies contain much wisdom, in addition to much that is temporal and man-made in nature. Despite this view, we remain Muslims, and our appreciation for Islam is rooted in our ability to examine and discuss it from a critical perspective.

Who this site is for:

1) Those who identify with our perspective and want a safe and non-judgemental forum to share their ideas and experiences;

2) “Believing Muslims” (Sunni, Shia, Quranist, Ahmadiyya, Ismaili, Sufi, and others) who want to share their ideas about Islam while being respectful and tolerant of our own ideas;

3) Non-Muslims or ex-Muslims who want to engage in thoughtful discussion about Islam while ensuring that criticism maintains a certain level of respect for the sensitivities of others and are not here only to bash and instigate;

4) Anyone else who simply wants to contribute to the discussions and learn from them.



  1. This is the way real reform of Islam and Muslims can be approached without antagonising Muslims and hurting thier sensitivities. I support Agnostic Muslims. Thank you Hassan Radwan for initiating and leading this nobel endeavor

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