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Hassan Radwan’s Personal Journey 

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Agnostic Muslim Weekly Khutbahs



Abdullah Sameer’s Blog

abdullah Sameer“I was born Ismaili in Kenya and came to Canada when I was young.  When I was in high school, I found Islam.  A friend offered me the Quran to read and I was amazed at how I found God’s message to me and how he wanted me to live my life. I read the entire book cover to cover in English, and proceeded to read Sahih Bukhari cover to cover (summarized edition).  For many years I was still Ismaili, but I would attend conventions like ISNA Canada and also go to local Young Muslim events such as Suhaib Webb’s “Zina The Disease with 1000 Faces.”  After some time I decided Ismailism was a perversion of the true message of Islam and I started to identify myself as a Sunni Muslim, around the age of 16 to 18….”

“I left Islam at age 33, in the middle of Ramadan, 2015 (late June).  Most Muslims will never challenge their faith and read things that will cause them doubt, which is why I feel most of them will never leave Islam.  However, I had some nagging doubts that had come to my mind over the years.  I had seen a comment from a fellow that almost became Muslim, but when he was researching, he found that the stories in the Quran actually came from Talmudic sources.  I of course vehemently denied this and I engaged in a dialogue with the man.  This happened a year before I left Islam…”


Help Faith to Faithless host 8 events in UK Universities


Faith to Faithless (with help thanks to the BHA) want to host at least 8 events this year across the UK, editing and uploading all our events on YouTube. We have done 3 recorded events in the last 6 months. Our events and videos are a fantastic way to reach out to young people who have left their faith whether they have left Islam, Hassidic Judaism, Conservative Baptist, Jehovah’s Witness, etc. Its important young people understand that they aren’t alone when they leave their faith and that they can live fulfilling lives as humanists without religion.

Our events and videos have reached >200,000 people and we’ve been featured in 2 BBC documentaries and in 5 major papers from around the world. Here’s our YouTube channel: