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Our forum welcomes submissions from readers. We cannot guarantee publication, but we read every one and look forward to featuring content that meets our guidelines. Currently, we accept submissions in two broad categories (i.e. we will always find a spot for a good piece, so when in doubt, submit the piece).
1) Essays: we are looking for original essays of approximately 300 to 2000 words in length (exceptions for exceptional cases are granted) that help “humanize” Islam. Our premise is that Islam is a human tradition, not a divine one, and that casting it as divine is not only false, but damaging. Any essay that either appreciates Islam from a humanistic perspective, or challenges traditional notions of Islam’s “divine” origins, will be considered.

2) Personal Stories: we are looking for personal accounts of your experience with Islam, perhaps about how or why you lost faith in the “supernatural” elements of Islam, or that will help others consider this aspect of Islam in a different way.

Your privacy is important to us, and your name will only be published if you request it. You do not have to submit your real name if you are not comfortable.

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Do also state if you wish to be kept anonymous or if you are fine with sharing your name. Otherwise, do attach a pseudonym of your choice too.