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Thank you! We really appreciate your goodwill and support. This website is maintained by volunteers and we do not currently accept financial donations. But here is what you can do to help:

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2) Support any other good charitable cause that shares our mission of promoting a positive vision of Islam for the future, or of supporting those whose rights are suppressed in the name of religion.

Muslims For Progressive Values



Universalist Muslims
Universalist Muslims

Faith to Faithless

faith to faithless

Ex-Muslims of North America



Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore – CEMSGĀ

3) Sign, share, and support the Fatwa on FEAR, which is essential for groups like ours and other minority religious groups in Muslim countries and communities.

Raif Badawi

4) Whatever your personal religious opinions and beliefs, resolve to be honest about what is really in your heart, and to be respectful of opinions that differ from yours. The more everyone does this, the better off we are.